Methodology, Theory and Method in Modern Social Psychology and Personology: An integrative-eclectical approach. - Minsk: Bestprint, 2000. - 420 p.

The monograph within the framework of which the comparative analysis of the ontological-epistemological and conceptual-criterial basis of various paradigms is presented, the psychological traditions developed in modern social psychology and a personology, and also a wide spectrum of actual problems debated in their frameworks. The problem of the methodological basis of existing variety of psychological knowledge is analyzed, its paradigmatic coordinates are defined The conceptual - criterial basis of scientific character of the psychological theory are considered. The review of quantitative and qualitative methods accompanied used in psychological research is given by the offer of perspective decisions. The problem of a method is debated. The problem of a role of the personality in psychological research and interpretation of its results is disputed. It is intended for the researchers borrowing with a problems of methodology, the theory and a method in social sciences, the faculty, post-graduate students, the students interested in receiving of modern psychological submissions, accrued in world social psychology and a personology, and also a wide circle of the readers, aspiring to get acquainted with actual problems, discussed in a modern psychological science and practice.
Introduction to the Modern Social Psychology . - Minsk: ASAR, 2005. - 768 p.

Introduction to Modern Social Psychology. - Minsk: ASAR, 2005. - 768 p.

From items of the integrative-eclectical approach developed by the author the panorama of the modern social-psychological knowledge accrued in a world science and practice to the beginning of the third millennium is presented. A distinctive feature of the manual is the detailed description of a wide spectrum of psychological approaches to the analysis of the basic problem areas with submission of leading personnel's, theoretical patterns and the conceptual device involved in study and argument of the studied phenomena. Many approaches and sections are offered the Russian-speaking reader for the first time. It is intended for students, post-graduate students and teachers of the psychological specializations interested in receiving of modern knowledge, accrued in world social psychology, and also a wide circle of the readers, aspiring to get acquainted with a social-psychological problems.

Children in difficult life situation : tutorial for school psychologists, social workers and teachers / Ed. by professor V.A. Yanchuk; Academy of postgraduate education.- Minsk: APE, 2014. – 152 .

In the tutorial the systematised and all-round sight on psychological problems of children who are in difficult reality situations is presented: in alcoholised environment, in situations of school and family violence, at experience of a psychotrauma, etc. Doubtless advantage of the given edition is it orientation to practice character. In articles the methodology, strategy and tactic rendering of the psychological help to children who are in various difficult reality situations is reflected.
The book is addressed for parents, teachers, psychologists, social workers.
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